Well Paid Musician Club

The Well Paid Musician Club is training program and online community for musicians who can play 3hrs of cover music and…
Lead a band
Sing and perform solo
DJ & MC events

Become a Well Paid Musician

In this free 3 part mini training, learn the techniques we use to consistently get great paying gigs.

Video 1

This discovered 4x my gig income!

Video 2

Where do you find these great paying gigs?

Video 3

Most musicians skip this or are completely unaware of it. 

"“Now I get $2,500 and up for weddings for my piano duo! Matt knows his stuff.”"

Brian Aglira

"Matt has been a mentor to me...These days I earn a living playing music with no “real job”. I’ll give Matt a TINY amount of credit for that ;)"

Tim Williams

"“Just got my first wedding thru thumbtack at $775 for ceremony and cocktail hour. I owe you!”"

Matt Spitko

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