Well Paid Musician Club

The Well Paid Musician Club is training program and online community for musicians who can play 3hrs of cover music and do 1 of the following:
Lead a band
Sing and perform solo
DJ & MC events

Become a Well Paid Musician

In this free 3 part mini training, learn the techniques we use to consistently get great paying gigs.

This discovery 3x my gig rate! 

Inside you'll learn about the 80/20 Principle and how to apply it to your gigs.

Where do you find these great paying gigs?

Here we'll survey some platforms that can help you consistently find great paying gigs.

Skip this and you'll probably fail :(

Most musicians skip this or are completely unaware of it. 

Free Training Series

Learn to the secrets of getting great paying gigs!

"“Now I get $2,500 and up for weddings for my piano duo! Matt knows his stuff.”"

Brian Aglira

"Matt has been a mentor to me...These days I earn a living playing music with no “real job”. I’ll give Matt a TINY amount of credit for that ;)"

Tim Williams

"“Just got my first wedding thru thumbtack at $775 for ceremony and cocktail hour. I owe you!”"

Matt Spitko

Meet your instructor.

Matt Santry is a professional musician, who's made his living performing since 2005. More recently, Matt has also been working as a session singer for national ad campaigns including The Voice 2018 Superbowl Commercial, Febreze Clip Vents, and numerous regional radio campaigns.


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