Music and Brain Surgery

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2018

What do musicians and brain surgeons have in common?

Sounds like the setup to a bad joke. Right?

The average annual salary of a Brain Surgeon is $397,110. So for the sake of argument, assume that’s only 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year.

That’s $198.56 an hour. 

A musician performs at a private event for 3hrs and makes $600.

That’s $200 an hour.

Now, on the flip side, Neurosurgeons also have to pay massive insurance premiums for malpractice (up to $100,000 in some cases).

Musicians, have to pay roughly $600 a year for general liability (which most wedding venues require).

We could also compare schooling time and cost, but I think you get the point.

You probably think I’m oversimplifying, but what I’m trying to do is reframe your thinking about the value of the skill set you already possess.

You’re a musician. You can perform. That skill set is still high demand!

Look, you’re never going to make $397K a year performing at private events because there just isn’t 40 hours a week worth of that type of work available to you. Even in a situation where you could perform 7 days a week, (like on a cruise ship) you’re going to get paid a lot less because of the guaranteed work.

But what is awesome and yet very attainable is to work only 8 hours a week and make more than the average median income for American workers ($57,230 in 2016 according to the U.S. Census Bureau).

So while you won’t become rich just from performing, you will have the most valuable asset known to man. That is time.

What would you with your time, with your life, if you knew you only had to “work” 8hrs a week?

Here’s what I did with all my "extra" time in the last 12 months…

  • I was home for dinner with my family 4 nights a week (on average).
  • Ran a crowdfunding campaign to make a new record.
  • I recorded that record in Nashville.
  • I released it independently, and it charted on Billboard in the first week.
  • Performed my own music live at over a dozen venues on the East Coast.
  • Toured up and down the coast of California twice.
  • On the second trip, I took my wife and son, and we vacationed in San Diego

What a great year!

Recap. You already possess massive value as a performing musician.

If you leverage that value to get the best paying gigs available to your skill set, then you will have more time for your passions and commitments all while making a living…and having fun too.

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